What Matters Most

It seems to happen that whenever your staying up late to finish that assignment or attempting to focus on the job right in front of you, that you suddenly become unusually distracted by all kinds of things you wouldn’t normally be interested in!
Some of my most productive house cleaning sessions and best creative ideas have been on the same night a big assignment is due – but in the end, a clean house or a new song is not going to get me the grades I need to pass my unit!
When it comes to focussing on what God has called us to do, there are also all kinds of things that will attempt distract or lure us away from what matters the most. We can be pulled away by either making the mistake of comparing ourselves to others – or by being distracted by the plethora of ‘good things’ that suddenly appear when we start to get serious about pursuing the dreams God has given us.
Jesus however, was never distracted by what other people were doing, and refused to succumb to the demands that others tried to impose on Him. He simply understood that the most important thing He could do is to finish the work God had given Him:
“I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do” – John 17:4 (NIV)
Jesus had the power to destroy the Roman army and free the Israelites from years of oppression in an instant – and could have wrenched His hands and feet free from the nails that held Him to the cross, causing many to believe and follow Him. However Jesus knew that His purpose was not to do what others wanted Him to do – or even the ‘good things’ He could have done, – but only what God had called Him to do.
There are too many times that people have sold themselves short by either attempting to do something that was never intended for them to do, or by neglecting the work God had actually given them.
The key for success is to never allow comparison or distraction to take you off course from what matters most – because as we live each day to the full by working towards finishing the work God has placed in our hands in this season, we will not only live satisfied, but bring glory to God as we live for what truly matters!

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