Courage in the Face of Fear (Part 2 of 4): ‘Let Your Fruit Do the Talking’

Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t actually do? 

It seems the more you defend yourself the more guilty you appear – and even if completely innocent, an accusation can leave you feeling almost as ashamed as if it were true.
This is why one of the devil’s most effective weapons is the relentless accusation of God’s people, ‘day and night’ (Revelations 12:10). If God’s people can’t be destroyed, then disarming them will be just as a effective – so he looks for every opportunity he can get to shame people into retreat and withdraw from the present.
Peter and John were brought before the most powerful religious court of the land and found themselves entangled in a web of baseless accusation. Although they defended themselves with sound argument, the thing that ultimately left their accusers silent was the evidence of the man beside them:
‘But since they could see the man who had been healed standing there with them, there was nothing they could say’ – Acts 4:14 (NIV)
Peter and John refused to bow down to the pressure piled upon them because they knew the evidence would eventually speak for itself. They allowed their ‘fruit’ to do the talking, and remained full of courage, leaving their case in the hands of God.
Whether through other people or from within our own minds, we can also face a daily barrage of accusation that can threaten to lock us up in a prison of isolation or fear. In this situation it’s not words alone that will prevail, but the fruit of our lives that will have the final say. 
You can have a hundred opinions on what kind of tree is in the back yard during the winter months – but come summer time all accusations will eventually fall to the ground as the fruit begins to finally appear. The tree won’t defend itself, but will simply remain confident in its position while it waits for the evidence to speak for itself.
Never buy into the deception that you need to prove your worth to your accusers. Instead, allow the fruit of your life do the talking – and remain courageously planted in the position God has called you to occupy for this season!

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