Shark Tank

Any good idea needs investment in order for the dream to become a reality. 

It’s why I love the TV show, ‘Shark Tank’ – where budding entrepreneurs get the chance to present their ideas to successful and wealthy business people with the hope that one of them will invest in their idea.
If the contestant presents a worthwhile investment, the sharks may even bid against each other and drive the level of investment up higher than expected. They key advantage for the entrepreneur is that when a shark decides to invest in their idea, they not only receive a financial benefit, but the full strength of business experience and expertise to guarantee it’s success.
Many contestants have gone on to achieve their dreams and have seen great success as they benefited from the financial and intellectual strength of the sharks. In a similar way, we also have our own Shark Tank. God is also looking to invest His unlimited resource, wisdom and strength into anyone who would qualify and prove worthy.
However God’s requirements are very different to those on the TV show. While the sharks are looking for a new idea and a well thought out business plan, God on the other hand is looking for something entirely different:
‘For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him’ – 2 Chronicles 16:9 (NIV)
God’s first and primary requirement for the investment of His unlimited strength and resource is simply a heart that is fully committed to Him. Other translations suggest a heart that ‘belongs’ to Him, is ‘devoted’ to Him or is simply available to Him.
It’s heart breaking to watch a contestant who has poured their entire savings and many years into the development of an idea or product that the sharks end up rejecting. They conclude the idea is not worth investing in.
On the other hand, God will never reject anyone who comes to Him with a heart that is fully committed to Him. God knows that people are always worth investing in – and as you give yourself wholly to Him, He will pour out the full strength and resource of Heaven to see the dreams He has placed in your heart turn from an idea into reality!

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