Guitar Strings

One thing I do whenever I replace my guitar strings is to leave them uncut so they stick out all over the place, threatening to needle the eyes or hands of anyone who would dare to pick it up!
The reason I leave the strings uncut however, is not because I don’t want anyone to use my guitar, but because I often take it with me when travelling – and unlike Australia, many of the places I visit have no place to buy more if they happen to break.
It’s likely that at some stage my strings will break, so rather than throwing them out I need to leave enough length to feed the strings through and restring the guitar so I can continue to make music.
The relationships we have is our soundtrack for life. Music makes everything better! Without healthy relationships life is devoid of colour or like a guitar with no strings.
The thing about relationships however, is that like guitar strings they have a tendency to break. Given enough time the weaker spots of any relationship can be exposed, especially in pressure situations where the ‘string’ can finally snap and the music stops.
At this stage it can be tempting to throw the string out and find a new one. However relationships (like guitar strings in a foreign country) are far too precious to be cast aside, and instead every effort should be taken to repair them.
One of the most important parts of maintaining healthy relationships is to leave enough ‘length’ so that if there are any breaks they can be restrung:
‘Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends’ – Proverbs 17:9 (NIV)
Just as the one who leaves enough length in their guitar strings seeks music, so the one who truly seeks love allows enough length to cover the offences that are guaranteed to come in any relationship.
Although you may not repeat a matter or gossip to those around you, the most important thing is to refrain from keeping that offence stuck on repeat in the quietness of your own heart.
Create the best possible soundtrack to your life by leaving enough length in your relationships to cover the offences as they come. Don’t throw them away, but restring them to make music for life!

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