Your Master Key

I remember working at a place where there were so many rooms and buildings on site that my key chain was almost heavier than the doors I had to unlock!
I’d frantically fumble around in the dark trying to fit the right key in the door and more often than not the one that finally fit would be the last on the key ring! It’s now a relief to be a part of a work place where only one key is needed to access every section of the entire complex!
Just as I was fumbling around in the dark trying to find the right key, so do we often struggle to find the right keys to living life the best we can.
Some of the keys we find on our chains are the endless array of ‘shoulds’ in life like, ‘I should exercise more’ or ‘I should eat healthier, be nicer, save more, use recycling more often or put my phone down’, but none of these keys will ever unlock the doorway to a lasting and fulfilling life.
Although these things are good in themselves, we often end up feeling guiltier and heavier or like more of a failure as we are faced with the reality of our own limitations.
But the heaviest of all the keys added to the chain is called the ‘law of God’. Although the law is very good in itself (like exercise or a healthy diet), because of the brokenness of our hearts, this law of love is impossible for anyone to keep. This key will never give us access to a full and abundant life.
The great news is however, that there is a key that will give us access right into the very place we long to enter. The name of this key is not ‘I have to’ or ‘I should’, but simply, ‘faith’:
‘We have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand’ – Romans 5:2 (NIV)
We can never enter into the presence of God by making all kinds of promises to never do ‘that thing’ again. The only way we can ever enter into this grace is by placing our key of faith into the door of Jesus who gave His life to forgive us and rose from the dead to give us the gift of eternal life.
As we leave behind the heavy keys of ‘shoulds’ and pick up this master key of faith, we not only have access to His endless grace, but the ability to unlock, access and activate every one of the promises of God!

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