Have you ever heard someone bag out a close friend or someone you love and respected?

Rather than immediately siding with the unwelcome gossiper (otherwise known as the 'friendship-destroyer'), you automatically defend them, knowing that what they have been accused of is way out of character.

Even if there was some kind of evidence put before you, you would have serious doubts about its legitimacy, concluding that this snapshot or 'Insta-moment' lacks the weight that a life time of friendship carries. Even if it seems true for a moment, the substance of proven character causes you to trust your friend rather than the accuser.

Job was faced with a huge amount of evidence piled against God. His family had been destroyed and he was so sick he wanted to die, and in this moment it seemed like God had abandoned him. Yet despite the evidence set before him, he pushed the stony finger of accusation aside and declared his trust in God:

'Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him' – Job 13:15 (NIV)

Even when it seemed like God was out to slay him, Job declared his trust in God's goodness. Although the evidence continued to pile up, and despite the fact he was not rescued out of difficulty in that moment, Job set his hope in God.

As we journey through life there will be times when all kinds of 'evidence' will lift up the fingers of accusation against the goodness of God. There will be times when it appears that God has abandoned or forgotten us, or no longer cares. There may even be times when God appears to be working against us or even out to 'slay' us. However it's at these times that the depth of any friendship and especially our faith is tested to it's core.

Will we refuse to allow the 'faith-destroyer' to rob us from the joy of seeing those first rays of sunlight breaking through the rain clouds, or will we believe the lie that just because we can't see it for a moment, the sun no longer exists?

False evidence always seems convincing at the time but if you wait long enough, the truth will stand on it's own two feet and you will be left with an even deeper trust in the One who loves and cares for you more than you could imagine!

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