Make Music

Her smile puts the sun in my heart and her laugh sets little birds free to fly.

Nothing releases sunrays of happiness on the inside like when my daughters laugh fills the room. As a kite dances and twirls like a ballerina in the undulating breeze, so does the harmony of fresh laughter and the undefined melody of a new song skip from her soul to hug the world around her. If delight had a face, it would be the face of my daughter.

As her vocabulary begins to expand, newly discovered words begin to add substance to the music and she attempts to articulate feelings of affection towards her family and the ‘whole world’. Every day brings a new song and expression of who she is and what she sees through her curious trusting eyes.

The word ‘express’ means to ‘show, manifest or reveal’. It seems like Leianna’s generous soul needs more room than her petite body allows her, so the overflow expresses itself through the manifestation of laughter, new words and music. As her mind and body continues to grow and develop, so will all kinds of new songs pour from within.

There are many times I’ve found myself running up the stairs as the faint sound of her laughter compels me to move faster so I can sweep her up in my arms sooner. In a similar way, the creator of the heavens and the earth is moved to the core of His heart when a new song arises from the soul of one who belongs to Him.

Although there are as many songs as there are the stars that fill the sky, God is always looking for a new song to arise from our hearts like a shooting star that pierces the darkness:

‘Sing to him a new song’ – Psalm 33:3 (NIV)

Whether you are musical or not, we each have a song to sing. God is not looking for you to express yourself in the same way as the next person, but is filled with anticipation for you to ‘show, manifest or reveal’ the love that fills your heart.

What counts isn’t the type of expression but the quality of the expression. And the quality He seeks for is not perfect execution, but how much of your heart is given over to Him in surrender during the moments and the years ahead.

Put a smile in His heart and let your life sing Him a new song today!

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