What a Disaster!

We found our seats in the grand stand and excitedly chattered as we waited for the game to start. It was Saints vs Tigers at Etihad Stadium and we were in for a treat.

But half way through the match the game was over. The Saints had already scored 92 points with the Tigers scraping together a meagre 10. It was a total disaster. Any finals aspirations faded away as quickly as the smiles on the faces of the deflated Tigers fans.

Come Monday morning, the commentators lined up to write the Tigers out of any hope of making the finals. But there was one commentator who had some rare insight. “This game was an aberration” he said, “the Tigers will write this game off and quickly move on”. And he was right. The Tigers put that game behind them and went on to climb the ladder to third place with a good chance of winning the premiership.

Instead of falling to pieces in a moment of disaster the Tigers rode out the storm till they could find their feet again. They refused to let a moment of disaster dictate their future, but instead their vision of the future reminded them this disaster was just a moment.

Sometimes we also have days of disaster. Before we even get out of bed we receive an email with some bad news. The groceries weren’t delivered and the phone bill is double what we thought it would be (yep, this all happened this morning!)

Sometimes a relational breakdown due to misunderstanding will leave us questioning what’s wrong with is? Add to that some negative feedback on your performance with a dash of some rainy weather, and it can feel like a total disaster.

But the thing about disasters is that they always pass.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a footy disaster or a bad hair day disaster, they all eventually pass. What becomes crucial is where we wait for the disaster to pass. We can either be buried in the sands of failure or find our rest and security in the love of God:

‘I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed’ – Psalm 57:1 (NIV)

It’s never as bad as you think. This disaster will pass. As you find refuge in God you will come out the other end to climb higher than you’ve ever been before!

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