An Uninvited Invitation

There’s always that nervous moment when your about to throw a set of keys to the driver.

Do you take a risk and throw them now? Or do you take a few more paces to reduce the risk? More often than not you end up in that awkward middle ground where you lean over to make up that extra step which puts your throwing action off, resulting in a fumbling mess of fingers and palms grasping at the misdirected projectile at the other end!

Although many of the things we carry in life can be light and easy, there are times when the burdens can get so heavy that they slow down our progress and prevent us from being everything God has created us to be. But God wants us to be free, so He invites us to unload our cares and burdens onto Him:

‘Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you’ – Psalm 55:22 (NIV)

At times we can wonder whether God even cares – especially when the burdens we carry are far beyond our capacity to manage. But the truth is that these burdens are actually invitations to intimacy.

It’s easy to throw a set of keys across the roof of a car or a pair of socks into the wash basket from the other room, but it’s more difficult to pass on or get rid of something a little more weighty. In fact the heavier something is, the closer you need to get to the place or person you intend to pass it onto.

The heavier the burden, the closer we need to draw near to God in order for us to cast them onto Him. The moment we are tempted to run from the one we can sometimes blame, is the very moment He gently calls our name and invites us to draw closer than we’ve ever been before.

God’s promise is that as we cast our burdens and cares onto Him, He will not only relieve us of the weight that once slowed us down, but that He will also sustain, strengthen and support us and give us what we need to keep moving forward.

Never interpret a sudden increase of pressure or a burden too great as evidence that God has abandoned you or that He doesn’t care. Instead, recognise your uninvited situations as the invitation to an intimacy that goes deeper than you’ve ever known before.

Throw Him the keys. He knows the way to your greatest adventure!

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