He Speaks Your Accent

It was the first time in my 21 years that I left the shores of Australia.

It was also my first time in a plane, and as I peered out the window with my face pressed up against the cool plastic the sun dipped below the horizon as we slipped into the blackness ahead.

From the very moment the wheels lifted off the hot Perth tarmac, nothing was familiar. Everything was new and fresh and exciting. There was the packaged plane food, the screen with it’s grey console and retractable shoe lace, the gentle sway of the cabin lolling rows of heads to sleep and the soothing hum of the engine.

One of the first things I noticed after landing in Mauritius was the black and white striped curbing lining the roads. When we arrived in Durban, South Africa a few days later it was the purple Jacaranda trees that painted the rolling green hills with vibrant splashes of colour that captured my imagination. Every smell and sight was a new experience. Nothing was familiar.

And then there were the accents. Although most spoke in English, a dull migraine never left due to my neck being permanently cranked to one side as I attempted to listen more attentively and understand what was being said.

After a few weeks I managed to get hold of a friend on the phone. As she started talking I could literally feel the relief wash over me because she spoke my accent!

In a similar way, we can also find ourselves in unfamiliar territory as we travel through life. Whether a geographical, emotional or spiritual place, being in an unfamiliar situation can be unsettling.

But just as the phone conversation brought some comfort to me in an unfamiliar place, so the Holy Spirit bring me peace and comfort even in the most foreign of places:

‘Where can I go from your Spirit? … If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me’ – Psalm 139:7-10

No matter how far you are from home, never forget that the Holy Spirit speaks your accent and will guide you through the unknown!

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