Creative Occupation

Have you ever hit a wall that suddenly blocks your flow of creativity or puts a roadblock in your productivity?

You spin your chair around to ask your go to person for some help but they’ve ducked out for a few minutes and have left you all alone to face the challenge head on yourself!

It’s times like these that we need some outside assistance to give us the creative breakthroughs that will move us closer to achieving our goals.

The good news is that God cares just as much about our progress at work that he does in every other area of our life. In fact the very first mention in scripture of a person being filled with the Holy Spirit is a tradie named Bezalel, who was instrumental in building the temple:

“Look, I have… filled [Bezalel] with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise with all kinds of skills and craftsmanship” – Exodus 31:2-5 (NLT/ NIV)

Bezalel would have been inherited skills passed down through the generations before him and was trained by his Dad in the ways of the ancient tradie. Although there was no choc milk, high viz clothing or Toyota Hiluxes at the time, Bezalel would have been proud of his ability to work with all kinds of materials.

But the Holy Spirit also anointed Him and gave him special abilities that reached beyond even his own hard work and natural talent. God had given him great ability to do what he was called to do.

God also wants to pour out His Spirit on us as we open our hearts to Him in every sphere of life. God cares about our work life just as much as our home life and is concerned about the way we work for those we serve.

The word, ‘craftsmanship’ in this verse literally means ‘occupation’, and therefore this outside assistance from the Holy Spirit is available for everyone!

Whatever roadblocks to workflow or productivity you may hit, know that the Holy Spirit is ready to give you creative solutions and the capacity to stretch beyond what you’ve ever thought possible!

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