Gear Shift

There will be times in life that you will need to shift gears.

You’ve travelled along the journey this far and now you’re ready to go to a new level that this gear could never take you.

But changing gears always requires a moment of surrender. In order to change gears (in a car with manual transition), you firstly need to press down the clutch pedal which momentarily cuts all power from the accelerator. But only when the power is surrendered can the car be shifted into a new gear.

In a similar way, there will be times that in order for God to shift gears and take us to another level, we will need to go to another level of surrender. For many of us, God is simply waiting for us to surrender so He can shift gears and take us further and faster than ever before.

But the choice to surrender is in our hands and not in His. We are the ones with the clutch pedal at our feet, and often He is the one waiting for us to surrender our own desires, plans and demands to Him.

There is a humility that is required for surrender, as a person who surrenders acknowledges that he or she hasn’t got all the answers and has limitations to achieve the things God has placed on their heart. But the paradox is that in the very moment a person confesses their weakness is the same moment that the power of the Holy Spirit is released to lift them higher than they could ever go on their own:

‘Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honour’ – 1 Peter 5:6

One of the most spine tingling feelings is that moment you crunch the gears in the car. You have either shifted the gear too early or too late, or have tried to shift the gears into place without first pressing down the clutch pedal. In order to go to the next level, there needs to be both surrender, and the timing of God.

If you sense it’s time to shift gears, then you are probably right. But a shift of gears will also mean going to another level of surrender. Allow God to shift gears and take you further and faster as you surrender all to Him!

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