Life Balance

A number of years ago I decided I needed to get fit, so I designed a morning routine that involved getting out of bed before the sun came up to down to the beach for a run and swim.

After barely surviving the first gruelling 500m run (other runners on the beach may have described it as more of a waddle!), I thought swimming a few laps between either side of the horseshoe jetty might be something a little more pleasant.

I carefully placed my new googles over my eyes, quickly reviewed my long forgotten years of school swimming lessons and hurled my body in the direction of the murky jetty sea water.

The moment I broke the surface of the water is the moment the illusion ended. Panic set in as I struggled to find a rhythm to my breathing, and instead of swimming I felt like I was only just surviving!

Sometimes our balance and rhythm feels out of control and like we are barely surviving! But God gives us His Spirit not only so we can be filled with His power and immersed in His love, but also so that we can live a life that is balanced and controlled:

‘God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind’ (NHEB)

Although there are many helpful tools for life balance, the Holy Spirit is God’s answer to giving us a ‘sound mind’.

The root to the original Greek word that describes a ‘sound mind’ (or ‘self control’) is ‘phrēn’, which is also the root word of “diaphragm,” the inner organ muscle that regulates physical life, controlling breathing and heart beat.

When a swimmer controls their diaphragm they control their ability to breathe, moderate their heartbeat and ultimately their ability to swim.

I now realise that my first attempt at swimming laps didn’t fail due to a lack of strength or because I didn’t know how to swim. It came down to the way I controlled my breathing. Now that I control my breathing, swimming is a highlight of my morning routine!

Although your ‘life balance’ won’t look the same as others, as you allow the Holy Spirit to lead every part of your life you will not only survive, but thrive as you trust in Him!

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