Don’t Ignore the Signs

My day dream was suddenly interrupted by two female voices walking into the toilets.

I began to chuckle to myself, wondering how they could have walked through the wrong door! But just as a smile began to fold up the corners of my mouth, a mist of horror began to descended upon me and completely dissolved the smirk from my face as I realised it wasn’t they who was in the wrong room, but me!

I sat there frozen, silently holding my breath and hoping, wishing and praying that they would leave before they detected up a male in the room. How could I possibly explain myself if I was caught?

I was an imposter, and every second only increased the discomfort of remaining. I hadn’t taken notice of the signs and had walked myself right into enemy territory!

Although the circumstances may not be quite as dramatic as my moment of poor toilet choice, there is always something awkward about doing something you know you weren’t created to do.

There will always be the normal seasons of discomfort as we either settle into a new role or endure the more undesirable aspects that come with any position, but there is something especially unnatural about fulfilling a function that simply does not fit your make up or sense of direction in life.

The good news is that matter what you are doing, the Holy Spirit is completely committed to position you in a place that fits for you. All we need to do is to read the signs and listen for His voice, while trusting in His perfect timing.

Paul reminded the church in Ephesus that it was ultimately the Holy Spirit that positions people:

‘The Holy Spirit has appointed you as leaders’ – Acts 20:28 (NLT)

Whether you are in limbo or find yourself in the wrong cubicle, trust in the Holy Spirit and in His timing to lead you into the place that fits for you.

As for my horror story, the two women eventually left and I was able to make a dash for the exit before any other unsuspecting shoppers walked through the door!

Don’t ignore the signs, but trust in the One who knows you even more than you know yourself!

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