Hook Up the Trailer

It was exhausting work in an unforgiving environment but there was no way we could survive the winter without it.

Every Autumn Dad would take the family into the bush to hunt for firewood. As he cleaned the chainsaw and hooked up the trailer, Mum would clothe us in the right gear and prepare enough food to get us through the long day.

In the depths of winter the temperatures in Manjimup would fall to just below freezing, and we had to make sure there was enough wood in the shed to keep the fire burning.

But collecting enough firewood to last the months of winter was no easy task.

Firstly, we had to find a good spot and select the right fallen tree to cut up. Then, as Dad sweated with the chainsaw to dissect the log into smaller pieces, we would start the arduous task of lugging the lumps of solid jarrah along vine tangled paths twisting their way over and under fallen trees and branches to fill up the trailer.

The smell of fresh Jarrah and two stroke oil filled the air as we endured the typical cuts, bruises, bull ant bites and sibling fights before pulling up in the driveway to unload and stack just enough fuel to keep the fire burning all winter.

Although it was hard work, we had to be deliberate about collecting enough wood to keep the flames from dying out. In the same way, Paul encourages us to be equally diligent in preparing enough fuel so the Spirit’s fire will never die out:

‘Don’t put out the Spirit’s fire’ – 1 Thessalonians 5:19 (GWT)

A fire is either put out by a substance that smothers it or by simply neglecting to put on enough fuel to keep it burning throughout the ‘colder’ months. One thing for sure is that it doesn’t happen by accident but takes intentionality.

Whether it’s committing to regular church attendance, spending time reading the bible and praying, joining a connect group, reading an inspiring book or listening to worship music and preaching podcasts, do whatever it takes to keep your fire burning.

Sharpen your chainsaw and hook up the trailer; and never ever let your fire go out!

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