At Your Side

When I was 17 I had a crush on my counselor.

Her gentle demeanour put me at ease the moment I stepped into her office, and although I felt she could see in me everything I didn’t want to tell her, the softness in her eyes told me I could trust her anyway.

As my words clumsily stumbled over one another like prisoners staggering into sunlight for the first time, I’d wait for a hint of impatience in her eyes to signal the moment I’d herd them back into the blackness, but I detected no hint of condescension. Every word was as treasured as a hand written poem, so I grew the confidence to pull back the curtains and let her see the unrehearsed me.

I know now that the feelings I had was not a shallow 17 year old crush, but a deep sense of gratitude for valuing me in the middle of my brokenness. She came along side me in a crucial moment in my life to give me seeds of hope for the future, not by painting a picture of who I one day could be, but by validating me for who I was today.

I realise now that God intersected our lives because she had something to give me that no one else could. Over the years since, the Holy Spirit has arranged for other certain significant people to encourage, teach, correct, listen, strengthen and spur me on in my journey. He knows exactly what I need, and when I’ve needed it.

I am forever grateful to my counselor. But she had her own life, and I had mine. And all the people who have helped me along the way have theirs also. But there is One who remains with me throughout every season, who knows the depths and dimensions of every open and closed room in my heart:

The Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things” – John 14:26 (WEB)

The Greek word for ‘counselor’ literally means, ‘to be called to the side of another’, denoting the truth that the Holy Spirit walks at our side to counsel and support us as we need it.

Never undervalue the gift of the people in your life. But rather than setting your hope in their ability to heal and lead, look to the Holy Spirit who will never leave your side!

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