Let’s Get Spiritual (Part 2 of 3)

Summer is just around the corner, and summer means cricket!

There’s nothing like that moment the opening batsmen walk into the middle of the MCG for the first innings of the Boxing Day test match. As they walk onto the pitch to find their crease, the noise and chatter of the zinc pasted crowd begins to build as the bowler launches his assault down the grassy runway to rocket the red leather ball at the wickets.

All of the training and practice comes down to this moment. How will he handle the pressure? One miscalculation and the bails will fly off the stumps to send him packing back to the grandstand.

What matters the most at this point is not how strong he is or how fast he can run. What really matters is what he does with his bat. After all, he is a batsman, and he has been trained to handle this very weapon.

The most important part of batting is not how strong you are, but how good your timing is. It’s how you handle the bat that gives you the real power to drive the ball straight back down the field and into the boundary for four.

It’s the same truth when it comes to walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. The power that we walk in comes down to how we ‘handle’ the Word of God. Paul teaches that we win the spiritual battle against our opposition by taking up the Word of God:

Take… the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God’ – Ephesians 6:17 (NIV)

According to this verse, the effectiveness and power of the Holy Spirit is directly linked to the Word of God. The Holy Spirit wields the Word of God like a soldier does his sword. The Word of God is the catalyst that releases the power of the Holy Spirit, which is why growing in the Word of God is always the foundation to growing in the power of God.

Paul encouraged Timothy to learn how to handle his weapon:

‘Do your best to… handle the word of truth with precision’ – 2 Timothy 2:15 (ISV)

Set yourself to training and learn how to handle your greatest weapon. As you do, you will grow in increasing strength and power of the Holy Spirit!

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