Let’s Get Spiritual (Part 3 of 3)

The flames of a fire have no limit.

A fire will continue to burn as long as it has fuel to burn. The only thing that determines the size and heat of a fire is the amount and type of fuel available. The more fuel, the higher the tongues of fire reach into the night sky sending sparks off into the atmosphere to explore undiscovered galaxies.

God also gives the Holy Spirit without limit:

“The one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit” – John 3:34

But just as the size of the flame is determined by the amount of fuel available, so too is the power of the Holy Spirit dependent on how much fuel is in our hearts. And according to Jesus, this fuel is the Word of God:

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life’ – John 6:63 (NIV)

The Word of God is the kindling for the Holy Spirit to set you on fire. The more kindling, the greater the flame. Although the Holy Spirit is limitless, the paradox is that the size of your fire is dependent on the amount of fuel available.

But there is yet one more important factor to consider. In order to see the power of the Holy Spirit activated in your life, you not only need the Word of God in you, but you also need to live out what it tells you.

The first step to a warm winter is for the family to venture out into the bush to collect the fire wood. You store the wood in a dry place so you have enough fuel to last the cold. But it doesn’t stop there. That wood is completely useless until it is actually taken from the shed and placed onto the fire. Only then can the fire burn and keep the family nice and toasty.

Knowing, reading, studying and memorising the Word stores it in the shed. But it’s obedience to the Word that takes it out of storage and puts it on the fire so it catches alight and releases the heat and power of the Holy Spirit!

Instead of waiting for the fire to come, stack up the shed and put some logs on the fire. The size of the flame is in your hands!

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