Juggling Sand Balls

One thing I’ve always loved doing down the beach during summer (even as an adult!), is to make the largest, smoothest, roundest sand ball that I possibly can!

After heading down to the waters edge to scoop up some wet sand, I would juggle the wet mass between my hands, drop it into the white, dry sand and then carefully smooth over the surface with the palms of my hand.

I’d always be mindful of taking the time to fix a crack on the inside, as I knew that if I only covered over it, the ball would eventually crack open at the weakest point the moment it was dropped onto the sand.

Life can be like juggling sand balls. There are so many things we juggle in life that it can be tempting to just gloss over the cracks so no one else can see them. But instead of seeing our weaknesses as a blemish, God sees them as an opportunity for His power to shine through.

Paul describes our lives as being like fragile clay jars:

‘We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure’ – 2 Corinthians 4:7a (NLT)

Instead of glossing over our weaknesses, we are invited to be honest about our failings with God and each other. It’s in being honest and transparent that we allow the Holy Spirit to shine through our weaknesses like the light of a candle that shines through the slits in the side of a candle holder. Instead of diminishing the beauty of the light on the inside, these ‘cracks’ only enhance it.

God allows these fractures to appear in our lives as they constantly remind us that the real power, or treasure in life is not our own capacity to hold it together, but the power and love that God pours into our lives as we trust in Him:

‘[These cracks] make it clear that our power is from God, not from ourselves’ (4:7b)

Never be discouraged and never give up, because although the cracks may appear, as we are honest with God and each other, the Holy Spirit will make us shine brighter than ever as we trust in Him!

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