Scan Your Future

Just because someone might have correctly guessed the last two doesn’t automatically make them a baby whisperer who now has the mystical ability to tell everyone what gender their next baby is going to be.

With a fifty fifty chance, it’s harder to win a game of coin toss than it is to correctly predict the gender of a few babies in a row! Everyone has an opinion and a completely rational reason why their guess isn’t a stab in the dark, but a premonition.

But for those parents who want to find out the truth before the due date arrives, the crystal ball is set aside and the ultrasound transducer is picked up to begin scanning. Although the images aren’t as clear as they might like them to be, there’s enough information to let them know exactly what to expect.

Opinions about our future aren’t just reserved for the baby whisperers. Although the opinions and thoughts of others are welcome most of the time (and helpful some of the time), the only one who clearly sees our the future is the Holy Spirit:

‘The Spirit of truth… will guide you into all the truth… and will tell you what is yet to come’ – John 16:13 (NIV)

Years ago a friend received assurance that parting with his savings in the short term would bring unprecedented return in the future. But we can all accurately predict this one, as sadly he lost absolutely everything.

The advantage of hindsight lives permanently on the other side of experience, and can only be accessed once we cross over.

However the Holy Spirit gives us a distinct advantage, as we gain the wisdom of hindsight from the One who lives outside of time! In the mystery of His sovereignty, the Holy Spirit sees the unlimited possibilities of the future, and yet gives us the freedom to pursue the direction we choose.

Always listen to what the Holy Spirit could be saying through the thoughts or opinions of others. But ultimately be confident not in your own wisdom, but the wisdom the Holy Spirit gives as you trust in Him!

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