Changing Lanes

You’re running late, and car in front of you won’t budge an inch.

Although you can hear the rush of cars passing in the next lane, you refuse to change over as you know that the second you do, the new lane will suddenly stop while the one you’ve been stuck in will begin to move again.

But the steady stream continues. And as the seconds pass by and the tapping on the steering wheel increases in it’s fervency, those happy drivers suddenly become arch enemies rather than people you once share the road with.

As the seconds turn into minutes and the cyclist you passed ten minutes ago glides past your window, the heat gets too much and the kettle begins to boil over. Finally, lane envy takes over and after a quick pep talk you convince yourself there must be a road accident up ahead so you flick on the indicators, check your blind spot and pull into the slip stream.

But as you slam on the breaks to stop within an inch of a real accident, the lane you just pulled out of begins to roll forward and resume it’s migration towards the city. This time, instead of your hands, it’s your head that hits the steering wheel, with each thump being the reprimand you need for once again giving into lane envy!

We’ve all been tempted to change lanes.

Whether it’s in your career, education, location, or relationships, when we see others rushing past us we can convince ourselves that changing lanes is the answer that will give us what we’re looking for.

But just as changing lanes on the road is no guarantee you will arrive sooner, so changing lanes in life is no secret to success. In fact changing lanes can have the opposite effect and rob you of ground already made. Lane envy can get the best of us, which is why God encourages us to stick with the lane we’re in:

‘Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us’ – Hebrews 12:1b

Sometimes the secret to success is not self improvement, advancement, or breakthrough, but simply the stickability to remain in your own lane. Refuse to compare with others. They are not your enemy. Cheer them on as they pass by, because as you remain in your own lane you will be cheered on when your lane begins to clear for you!

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