In 2008, Dr Oz appeared on Oprah to announce the amazing health benefits derived from a small fruit found in the South American rainforest’s called Acai.

Since that moment, the global market value of ‘superfoods’ has skyrocketed to $61 billion, with even more ‘superior’ superfood’s arriving on the scene every few months.

In 2000, the cost of 100kg of quinoa was $11.60 USD and has risen to over $200 in the last 15 years, becoming so lucrative that quinoa is even rivalling cocaine as Bolivia’s biggest export. The United Nations even dubbed 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa!

But while there are some great health benefits to these foods such as improving brain function, preventing disease and losing weight, the claims that these foods can wipe ten years off your ‘biological calendar’ are unrealistic, and most experts agree you can get the same health benefits by making good choices at your local supermarket.

Regardless of how many exotic fruits or newly discovered berries arrive on the scene, the truth is that simple, clean and healthy eating will result in the health benefits we all strive for.

The same truth applies to the message of God’s grace.

In Paul’s time people were always discovering and uncovering new religious rituals or ceremonies that could ‘add value’ to their relationship with God. Engaging with these new teachings and fresh ideas, would supposedly bring the ‘spiritual health benefits’ they promised to deliver.

However Paul immediately saw right through these empty promises, reminding them that their true strength isn’t found in what rituals they could do for God, but in receiving what He has already done for them:

‘Do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Your strength comes from God’s grace’ – Hebrews 13:9 (NLT)

The grace of God is what gives us the strength we need to live a victorious and satisfying life. Our strength is never found in ‘new ideas’ or our ability to perform by following religious rituals, but is only found in the greatest ‘superfood’ of God’s undeserving and unlimited grace!


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