The noise of a thousand voices begins to soften as those gathered lift their eyes to the night sky, patiently waiting for the moment they’ve come for to begin.

As the cannon finally booms in the distance, the crowd holds their breath, and just a few seconds later the black night sky suddenly lights up with a spectacular explosion of hyper colour. The crowd cheers with excitement and settles in to enjoy the rest of the spectacle.

Jesus’ life was one spectacular display of fireworks. In the same way that fireworks are set aside for a moment in time for a particular purpose, so Jesus knew His ultimate purpose. Although He did many amazing things, He remained resolutely focussed on His ultimate aim.

Referencing a scripture from Isaiah, Luke describes the way Jesus’ pursued His ultimate purpose:

‘When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face [like flint] to go to Jerusalem. – Luke 9:51/ Isaiah 50:7 (NLT)

The reference to the word, ‘flint’ is a powerful picture of someone who recognises their moment has arrived and gives it everything they have.

A flint stone is extremely hard, and when struck against steel it produces a spark that is used to light a fire. This metaphor gives us an idea of the resolve that Jesus had to give Himself to the moment. No opposition would stop Him and nothing would distract Him.

The amazing thing about Jesus’ determination is that his end goal was to die. He knew Jerusalem meant death and suffering at the hands of the very ones He created. But it would result in eternal life for all who put their faith in Him.

In the same way as Jesus did, we are also invited to set our face like flint and give our all – no matter the cost – to pursue the things God has called and created us for.

“Life isn’t worth living until you have found something worth dying for” (Martin Luther King Jr.). Why only give a part of your self to what matters the most? Give all for the call, and light up the night sky with a spectacular display of fireworks!

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