Cardboard Cutouts

As the weight of his body landed on the mattress, the entire bed folded in and collapsed around him.

Instead of being enveloped in the cosy warmth of his covers, in a split second he found himself stunned, laying on his back and surrounded by the remnants of his broken bed sprawled across the bedroom floor.

But as he gathered his thoughts he quickly realised that this wasn’t his bed after all, but a nasty prank played by his so called friends! Even before he finished gathering the broken cardboard boxes off the floor his plan for revenge was complete!

Life can sometimes play pranks on us just like my brother in law’s friends played on him. We are enticed to put the full weight of our trust and faith in things that seem strong and secure on the surface, but in the end are as fragile as cardboard cut outs. It’s only as we put our full weight in them that we discover how fragile these frames actually are, and as our worlds fold in and collapse around us, we lay stunned on the floor wondering how it all went so wrong.

Although David was a king who had massive military strength, he understood that to put his trust in the might of his army was as good as putting his trust in a cardboard cut out. Even as he built up the strength of his forces, David knew the source of his ultimate strength came from his trust in the Lord:

‘Some trust in their chariots and horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They collapse and fall down, but we will rise and stand firm’ – Psalm 20:7-8 (ESV/NLT)

We should never neglect to use the resources God has given us to be proactive in building our emotional, physical, relational and financial strength. However like David, God invites us to put our ultimate trust in Him.

In a moment, the stock market can crash, housing prices can plummet, relationships can sour, the weather can change (especially in Melbourne!), a diagnosis can be given and a life can be taken. But those who put their weight of trust in God will find that even in the midst of the most turbulent storm they will ‘rise and stand firm’.

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