Game Day

ning a sports guernsey doesn’t mean your’e automatically part of the team. What really matters is whether you turn up for training and are ready to play on game day.

The same principle applies for those who follow Jesus.

One day Jesus’ mum and brothers game to see Him but hey couldn’t reach him because of the crowd. Someone told Jesus that they wanted to see Him, so He used the opportunity to teach the crowd who His real family was:

“My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it” – Luke 8:21 (ESV)

Jesus was surrounded by crowds of people who claimed to be on His ‘team’ simply because they followed Him around and listened to His teaching. But Jesus emphasised the truth that it is the action you take that matters, not just the words you hear.

Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that just because you’ve been to church, have said a prayer, or are a nice person that you are a part of Jesus team. Instead, pull on your guernsey and step onto the field by not only listening to the word of God for your life, but stepping out in faith and obeying it!

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