Leave It All Behind

Just over three years ago, Jess and I packed the car with as many of our belongings that would fit between the kids as possible and began our adventure into the unknown.

Although it turned out to be even more challenging than we imagined, it’s also been the most fulfilling and satisfying journey, as it has brought us closer together then ever, opened up our world to new possibilities, and further enriched our lives through new friendships and experiences.

But none of this would have happened if we weren’t willing to leave the rest of our stuff behind.

At the time we left we couldn’t afford to ship our furniture, and since it was impossible to fit it into our car we had no choice but to leave it all behind. We could either remain with our stuff, or step out into the great adventure. It may sound silly, but parting with our furniture was harder than you think!

In a similar way, each of us stand at the threshold of our own great adventure. Jesus invites us to follow Him into a life full of purpose and destiny; a life set apart to serve others and make a lasting change in our world.

But just as Jess and I were faced with the cost of leaving it all behind, so there is also a great cost in following Jesus.

With crowds pressing in and hanging off His every word, Jesus made it clear that following Him would be no walk in the park. In fact the first and most critical part of following Jesus is a willingness to ‘leave it all behind’:

“So therefore, any one of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple” – Luke 14:33 (ESV)

It’s one thing to leave our possessions behind, but being willing to forsake our reputation, position, influence or relationships can be even more of a

challenge. But holding onto these things will always keep us locked into the same place we’ve always been and rob us from God’s best for our lives.

The choice is yours. Either stay with your stuff, or leave it all behind to step into the greatest adventure!

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