When the Money Runs Out

Oscar, our son has been working hard doing chores around the house to save up enough money for a particular toy he’s been eyeing off for a while. It’s cute to watch him focus as he eagerly scrubs the shower and carefully wipes down the leather couch. Soon he will have enough money to head to the shops!

But what happens when the money runs out?

After he has spent all of his hard earned money, who will look after him? Who will make sure there’s enough food and money to cover the bills? How can he be so sure of his future when he hasn’t got any money left over?

Although it’s ludicrous that he would think this way, these are exactly the type of questions we ask ourselves when our own money begins to run out. But the truth is that just as a parent will always take care of their children, so God will also take care of His.

Oscar’s security rests in the love that his Mum and Dad has for him. In the same way, God invites us to put our trust not in our own wealth, but in His love for us:

“Look, here is a young man who refused to make God his strength; instead, he trusted in his great wealth and made his wickedness his strength.” But I am like an olive tree, thriving in the house of God. I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever’ – Psalm 52:7-9 (ISV/ NLT/ ESV)

Just as Oscar’s ‘wealth’ has it’s limitations, so do ours. Whether we have great wealth or little wealth, our own wealth will always be a limited resource. But as we trust in the steadfast love of God, we can be assured that He will lovingly provide everything we need and give us full access to the limitless resources of heaven!

Our own wealth will never love us like God does. In fact our own wealth will only ‘care’ for us as long as we remain a slave to it. Putting our trust in our own wealth enslaves us to our own limitations, but trusting in God paves the way to break through the barriers and achieve the impossible!

When the money runs out, rather than running for the credit card, run to the Father who will provide everything you need!

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