Cling On

Sometimes the only thing we can do is to cling on.

I remember the time I broke through the crest of a wave the split second before it caved in around me. I thought I made it over the last big wave of the set and could catch my breath now I was safely at the back.

But then as I lifted my eyes my heart dropped. The biggest wave of the day was beyond my reach. And the worst thing was that the strap keeping me attached to my board had snapped!

As the green avalanche hurtled itself towards me my only thought was survival. The force of the wave would push me deep under water and I knew that if I was to escape unscathed then I had to cling onto my board as if my life depended on it.

As I dove under water, there was the silence, and then the roar. I was pushed so far down that I didn’t know what way was up or down. All I did was wrap my arms around my board and clung onto it through the whole ordeal. I was spun around, turned upside down and hit my head on the floor.

Although I didn’t know what direction to swim, as the chaos subsided I began to rise again. I knew the board would eventually lift me in the right direction, so I focussed on holding my breath as long as I could. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold on any longer, my head broke through the whitewashed surface and I gasped for air. Thanks to my board, I made it through the one of the biggest waves of my life.

In the same way I needed to cling onto my board to survive the biggest wave, so there are also times in life when all we can do is to cling onto God.

David found himself under a seemingly insurmountable wave of pressure, as he was fleeing from his own son who wanted to kill him. David did the only thing he could do, and clung fast to his God:

‘I cling to you; your strong right hand holds me securely’ – Psalm 63:8

This word, ‘cling’ literally means to ‘adhere, catch by pursuit and to be joined to’. David knew that as he clung to God he would eventually resurface.

Whether you are faced with the biggest wave of your life or a set of relentless smaller waves, as you cling onto God, you will eventually rise to see the light of day once again!

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