Ambushes Along the Way

If your serious about pursuing the call of God you can almost be guaranteed that there will be ambushes along the way.

Jesus completely destroyed the work of darkness wherever He went. He delivered people who were bound by demonic strongholds, taught revolutionary truth that set people free from the oppression of lies and deceit, and gave dignity to those rejected by society. And today, we are called to do the same! No wonder there are ambushes along the way.

Followers of Jesus are not be satisfied to simply hang around, but are determined to take ground from the powers of darkness. Knowing this, the devil will set ambushes along the way in an attempt to get us to withdraw and retreat back into our own comfort.

Ezra was given an assignment to lead God’s people back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. He had no doubt about whether or not this was the right thing to do, but the journey along the way was fraught with danger as the road back to Jerusalem was known known to be a prime target for violent bands of robbers.

Rather than retreating however, Ezra led his people in prayer and fasting for a safe journey. He gathered the people and resolutely set off for Jerusalem:

‘We departed from the river Ahava… to go to Jerusalem. The hand of our God was on us, and he delivered us from the hand of the enemy and from ambushes along the way’ – Ezra 8:31

The ambushes still came. Bands of robbers still attacked them along the way. But no matter what was thrown at them, God delivered them from it all. The people arrived in Jerusalem full of faith, unscathed, and with many stories to tell!

As you pursue the call of God on your life, you can almost be guaranteed there will be ambushes along the way. As you step out of the comfort zones into the faith zone, your life suddenly becomes a prime target because you no longer simply hang around, but begin to take ground from claws of evil.

But take confidence from the truth that no matter what is thrown at you, and no matter how many times you are ambushed along the way, that God will deliver you full of faith, unscathed, and with many stories to tell!

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