Into His Presence: ‘His Presence Propels Us’ (Part 3 of 3) //

It all starts when you feel that dreaded tickle in your throat.

If you take a dose of vitamin C it can clear overnight, but sometimes no matter how many orange tablets you force into your mouth, the tickle in your throat becomes a sniff and a sneeze in your nose and a balloon begins to expand in your head.

No matter what preventative measures we put in place, we all go through seasons of varying kinds of sicknesses or weakness. Whether physically, emotionally, relationally or spiritually, there are times in life when we reach the limits of our own capacity and we need something else to give us the strength we need.

Asaph was the director of music for David, and also wrote a number of Psalms himself. He went on to live after the death of David to live under the rule of two more kings after him.

During this time Asaph experienced much heart break, as he witnessed David’s kingdom crumble at the hands of Solomon who began to turn from God and pursue idol worship, riches and women. In his old age Asaph saw the once glorious kingdom torn in two, something that would have broken his heart.

During these seasons, Asaph felt powerless and overwhelmed with what was going on around him. It would have been tempting to lay down the pen and quit writing songs and music to lead the people in worship to God. Asaph reached the end of his own capacity.

Yet it was through this experience that Asaph began to discover the secret to his strength:

‘My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever’ – Psalm 73:26

It was in his weakness that Asaph discovered the source of unlimited strength. This word, ‘strength’ literally means ‘rock’, and for Asaph, it was the presence of God that gave him the strength he needed to continue leading the nation in worship. Everything else was like sand, but the presence of God is what propelled him forward to fulfil his destiny.

Just like Asaph, when you reach the end of your capacity, pursue the presence of God to discover a new found strength that will propel you into destiny!

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