Discovering Purpose: ‘Faith For the Future’ (Part 3 of 4)

Just because it’s a good idea doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right thing to do.

Nehemiah was moved with compassion when he heard about the devastation of Jerusalem. He began to seek God and pray about a solution to the brokenness in the city he loved.

But if Nehemiah was going to step out of his comfort zones and be the answer to the problems he saw, he wanted to know that it was more than just a ‘good idea’. He needed to be sure it was a ‘God idea’.

As Nehemiah searched the scriptures, he discovered a promise that God gave to His people 500 years earlier. God promised His people that no matter how far they may fall, and no matter how many of them were scattered around the world, that if they turned their hearts back to Him, He would bring them home to Jerusalem once again:

‘But if you return to me and obey my commands and live by them, then even if you are exiled to the ends of the earth, I will bring you back to the place I have chosen for my name to be honored’ – Nehemiah 1:9 (NLT)

Nehemiah was absolutely convinced. This was the promise he could hold onto. There was no room for questioning his purpose, because this was no longer just a good idea, but God’s own idea: a plan to bring His people back to Jerusalem!

Faith is only as strong as the promise it is attached to. If faith is attached to a nice feeling, then it will evaporate the moment those good feelings disappear at the first sight of difficulty. If faith is attached to a ‘good idea’, then it will only last as long as things seem to be working.

But faith attached to God’s promise will outlast every obstacle and remain despite the overwhelming opposition. Faith attached to God’s promises are as sure as God Himself, as He is the one who makes sure they come to pass. Because of his willingness to hold God at his word, Nehemiah achieved all that God had promised him.

As you align yourself with the promises of God, you will find a faith that will stand up against the greatest opposition and enable you to fulfil the purpose He has created you for!

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