Discovering Purpose: ‘Wherever You Are’ (Part 4 of 4)

Have you ever wondered why you are working or living where you are right now at this stage of your life?

The truth is that wherever you are is exactly where God has positioned you. Although you won’t be there forever, there are certain people He wants to connect you with, and certain things He wants you to learn before you rush into the next stage, just as Nehemiah discovered.

Nehemiah found himself as chief cupbearer to King Artaxerxes who ruled the Persian empire. This was an important role in the royal court, and brought him right into the inner circle. But he was also a foreigner. He and is people had been taken from their homeland and now lived as exiles in a strange land, which made his position even more valuable, as it gave him security in the midst of so much uncertainty.

But then one day Nehemiah heard about the plight of his people who remained in Jerusalem. Cut to the heart, Nehemiah began to seek God about a solution. As he began to pray, it soon dawned on him that God wanted Nehemiah to be the answer to his own prayers. He realised that God has positioned him in the kings courts for this very purpose.

Rather than holding on to a life of luxury and comfort that his position at the palace would give him, Nehemiah chose instead to leverage his position to help his people. This position was both the perfect preparation and the right kind of influence that was needed at that time in Israel’s history:

“Nehemiah’s expertise in the king’s court equipped him adequately for the political and physical reconstruction necessary for the remnant to survive” (Norman L. Geisler).

Whether you love or hate the position or stage of life you are currently in, you can be confident that just like Nehemiah, God has positioned you right where He needs you. Lift up your head and engage with those around you. Don’t rush the moment, but embrace it as an important step in the adventure God has set before you!

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