The One Thing That Gives You Everything

I had everything I needed. I had all the right tools. But it still wasn’t enough!

Although I had my laptop, my iPad, iPhone, shaver and blue tooth speaker with me, it would all be completely useless unless I found my power adapter. My Australian power cords wouldn’t fit the Ugandan power outlets, and if I couldn’t connect them to the wall, all my gadgets would become dead and completely irrelevant.

Finally, I managed to borrow a power adaptor and I was relieved to see the white apple appear on the screen. It made me realise that although you can have all the right tools, you can still miss the most important thing.

The Ephraimites had a reputation of being powerful warriors. But on one occasion they were overwhelmed by their opposition and fled from battle:

‘The warriors of Ephraim, though armed with bows, turned their backs and fled on the day of battle’ – Psalm 78:9

Although they had all the right training and all the best weapons, when it came to the crunch, they turned their backs and fled from battle. But what would cause these experienced fighting men to turn and run?

The following verses give us a clue:

‘They forgot what [God] had done – the great wonders he had shown them’ (78:11)

The men of Ephraim had forgotten the secret to the victories of the past. It wasn’t the strength of God’s people or the capabilities of their weaponry that gave them the victory, but their faith in God that helped them to overcome. These men had shifted their faith from God, and began to place it in their own skill and equipment. No wonder they turned and fled when they discovered they were no longer connected to the power source!

In life we can also have all the right tools, but lack the one thing that gives us everything. We can have all the boxes ticked and everything lined up, we can say the right words and do the right things, but lack the ‘adaptor’ of faith that gives us access to the source of true power.

Don’t get caught travelling without your power adaptor. But do the one thing that gives you everything by putting your faith in God who will give you everything you need!

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