Self Talk

It’s far too easy to allow our emotions to get out of control.

Sometimes our emotions are like a hose that has been left on the grass at full pressure, flailing around like a seething snake soaking whatever or whoever may be present at the time! But the bible consistently teaches us to harness this emotion in a way that is wise and that brings life to those around us:

‘Be wise, and direct your heart in the way’ – Proverbs 23:19 (ESV)

We are the directors of our own hearts, and like a movie director, at times we need to do some serious self talk!

In the midst of circumstance that could have strangled the life out of him, King David commanded his own soul to rise up and praise God, even while his emotions were screaming out at him to do the opposite.

Although we don’t have the choice as to what happens to us, we all have the choice to either hold the hose in our own hands and direct the flow in a way that refreshes and brings life, or drop it on the ground and suffer the consequence.

Instead of letting go, get talking to yourself and direct your heart in the way.

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