Three Essential Attributes of a Leader

1. Casting and Communicating Vision

The most important skill of a leader is to clearly communicate the vision and direction of that team. With no vision, there is no buy in as people want to be a part of something that is moving.

A leader needs to be able to believe in what he or she is doing to such an extent that others are swept up in their passion and energy. When a team can clearly see the vision and understand what their part to play in seeing that vision achieved is, then that team becomes unstoppable.

2. Creating Culture (Thermostat)

Sam Chand says that Vision and Strategy is the high performance vehicle, but culture is the road they travel on. You can have the best vision, but if the culture of that team is toxic and poisonous you are destined to be slowed down by all kinds of pot holes and obstacles.

It’s the leaders responsibility to be like a thermostat rather than a thermometer in any team setting. Rather than judging the atmosphere or passion by how others are feeling or behaving, the leader needs to set the temperature like a thermostat and create the standard required.

Once you have a clear vision and a healthy, vibrant, passionate, encouraging, life-giving culture, you can travel further faster.

3. Mobiliser

If a team is to be effective, you need to have a team in the first place. This doesn’t just happen.

An essential skill of a leader is to create and mobilize a team around them by creating a clear vision, cultivating a healthy culture and mobilising each individual to fulfill a role within that team. It’s one thing to gather a team, but it’s another thing to have the skill to mobilize that team into meaningful action.

The key word when it comes to creating a team is multiplication. A leader can often try and do everything on their own. However when a leader multiplies themselves by mobilising others, a much greater level of productivity occurs. This can be daunting at first, but if you are prepared face the risk of failure square in the eyes, you will thank yourself in the future – and your team will also thank you!

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