War Is Not Convenient

War doesn’t knock on the door politely and ask wether you are prepared or ready. War doesn’t care whether you have rested enough, taken your annual leave or had your ‘my time’.

A soldier is always ready for battle.

We are in the greatest battle of all: the battle for souls. This is a spiritual battle and can only be won by employing spiritual weapons and strategy; and we must be ready and willing to fight.

A soldier who doesn’t take up his arms has lost the battle before he has even begun. A soldier who would rather ‘my time’ than face the reality of the battle will be killed as he pours his cup of tea or turns over in his bed to go to sleep again.

He is deluded if he thinks he can win the war from underneath his bed covers. He is deceived if he thinks he is a good soldier simply by telling his friends of the dreams of victory he had while sleeping.

A true soldier lives and dies for his country. A soldier who withdraws in fear, or even worse, falls back due to complacency is not honoured.

But honour goes to the courageous. To the one who will do ‘whatever it takes’ and actively engage the enemy to see the battle won…

Fight for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood, your town or city with the greatest weapon of all:

The power of prayer!!

‘The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results’ – James 5:16 (NLT)

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