Crush It

I wasn’t the worst player on the team, but I wasn’t the best either. But regardless of my own ability I was glad I was in the team that had some of the best players of the league. Thanks to Jason Wilson & Phil Udecz, our team was able to crush all the others, and I’ve now got a shelf full of trophy’s to remind me of the ‘glory days’!

Sometimes you just need the right people on your side. When Josh Kennedy and Nic Naitanui aren’t injured, the West Coast Eagles, are almost unstoppable. These players bring a strength to the team that no one else could.

In the same way, God also adds strength to our life like nothing else. The great thing about God is that He is not restricted to only one team, but is accessible to anyone who comes to Him:

‘If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home. For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone. You will trample upon lions and cobras; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet!’ – Psalm 91:9-13 (NLT)

They key word in this entire section is, ‘if’. The condition to receiving the strength that God gives is that we make the Lord our refuge and our shelter. A place of refuge is a place we escape to for safety. A place of shelter is a place we find rest from the elements. But the choice is ours. Either we remain open and vulnerable as we stand out in the open, or we run to Him for strength and safety.

Although it’s not something we talk about much these days, the truth is that angels are very real. Angels are God’s ‘ministering spirits’ that He sends to help and care for those who trust in Him. Those who trust in God have angels on their side! Angels are one of the ways that God sends his ‘ever present help in our time of need’.

As you trust in God, you can be confident that you will crush all spiritual opposition because you are surrounded by angels!

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