The morning sun makes everything better.

I don’t know if your anything like me, but there have been many, many late nights over the years when I’ve found myself in a pit of despair, shame or hopelessness. The night seems to make the dark thoughts darker and the hopelessness heavier.

But no matter how low I’ve gone in the darkness, as soon as those first rays of light bend their way over the horizon, hope begins to flicker in my heart again. And as the earth turns itself towards the heat of the sun, the worries of the valley seem to melt away and are carried away in the rivers of light.

Although there is nothing magical about the sunlight, it’s effect is palpable. The morning sun makes everything better!

But there is a different kind of sunrise that is pure magic:

‘Because of God’s tender mercy, the sunrise is about to come to us from heaven to give light to those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace’ – Luke 1:78-79 (NIV/ ESV/ NLT)

This kind of sunrise comes from the hope that only Jesus can bring. It’s the hope of forgiveness that washes away the darkness and blackness of our soul. It’s a sunrise of hope for the future, knowing that as we take His hand, He will lead us in the ways of peace.

No matter how dark your night has become, there is good news. The morning sun is ready to come from heaven and break into your life!

The thing about the morning sun is that it penetrates and warms everything it touches. A pitch black room only needs to have the smallest crack in the door for the light to come flooding in. In the same way, even as we open up the smallest cracks in our own hearts, God will sends Jesus to flood the room with peace, love hope and forgiveness.

Morning is on its way. God’s Son, Jesus makes everything better!

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