Face the Fight

Sometimes God won’t save you from the battle, but will save you within it. There are some things God has for us that can only be discovered by facing the fight rather than running from the fight.

The tribes who lived east of the Jordan River united to wage war against the Hagrites. Rather than running from battle, they engaged the fight head on:

‘They cried out to God during the battle, and he answered their prayer because they trusted in him. So the Hagrites and all their allies were defeated. The plunder taken from the Hagrites included 50,000 camels, 250,000 sheep and goats, 2,000 donkeys, and 100,000 captives’ – 1 Chronicles 5:20-21 (NLT)

Rather than asking God to rescue them from the battle, they cried out to God ‘during the battle’. As a result, they overcome their enemies and gained so much more than they would have had God rescued them from the fight.

There are some things that God has for us that can only be found on the other side of a battle. Rather than crying out to God to rescue us from the fight, there are times we need to trust Him for the power to persevere until we overcome.

Just as diamonds are found on the other side of great pressure, gold is refined through the heat of the fire, and new growth comes as a result of strategic pruning, so is there also a great reward waiting on the other side of the battle for those who trust in Him.

Don’t run from the fight, but face it head on. As you trust in God you will not only overcome, but discover the kind of treasure that is reserved for those who choose to stay instead of running away!

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