Special Treasure

This morning while I waited for the barista to make my coffee, Leianna ventured into the flower shop next door.

Imagine her delight as the store owner handed her a freshly cut flower! As I watched through the window I noticed her smile was glowing and radiant as she held the sunflower to her chest.

In a similar, much grander scale, God holds us close to His chest as His ‘special treasure’:

‘The Lord your God has chosen you to be his own special treasure’ – Deuteronomy 7:6b (NLT)

Although may not recognise it yourself, God has created you as someone of infinite worth. Regardless of how others have treated you (or more importantly, how you treat yourself), not even all of the riches of earth are enough to ‘pay for your soul’.

As Jesus said, “Is anything worth more than your soul?” – Matthew 16:26 (NLT)

Be reminded today that in the eyes of God, you are precious to Him. Treat yourself (and others) accordingly!

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