Hope In God

If you are alive, you will feel undoubtably feel pain.

A friend of mine was reminded of this on Saturday when he fell off the scooter he was performing a stunt on and injured his hip. He got a pretty sure reminder that he was indeed still alive!

But the pain we face in life doesn’t have to defeat us.

The definitive thing that determines whether we rise above the pain or are defeated by it, is where we place our hope.

If we place our hope in the thought that ‘one day things will just get better’, then there is no substance and surety to this. No amount of wishful thinking can guarantee that things will get better. Things could in fact get worse!

Placing our hope in what we wish will happen is as flimsy as resting on a floating balloon for support. It’s nothing more than thin air.

But we have an alternative.

God invites us to place our hope in Him. He is the creator of the universe. He holds all things in His hands. He has the capacity to ‘work all things for our good’ no matter how many painful situations we face or how badly things spin out of our control.

David faced many discouraging times in his life time. He was pursued by a jealous, stark raving mad and murderous king. His son had turned against him. One time he even acted like a mad man, dribbling all over his beard to avoid being killed or locked up.

But even in the midst of great discouragement, rather than placing his hope in wishful thinking, He instead chose to place his hope in God:

‘Why am I discouraged? O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? (Why is my heart so sad?) I will put my hope in God! For I will praise him again – my Savior and my God!’ – Psalm 42:11 (NLT/ESV)

David’s Hope was sure and secure because He placed it in something – or someone – immovable. Rather than setting himself up for disappointment by putting his hope in wishful thinking, he placed his hope in God.

Such was his confidence, that David began to praise God even before he saw any outward change of circumstance.

Just like David, God invites us to place our hope in Him. God wants to be the sure foundation we can build a life on. Find true freedom by placing your hope in God today!

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