Breathe In

I’m an asthmatic.

When I forget to use my preventer and then do some exercise, I can begin to run short of breath real quick.

It’s at that point I know I need to breathe in. I reach for the Ventolin, and instantly the shortness of breath is diffused and I can breathe freely once again, and get on with my life!

The Spirit of God is like our preventer. When we forget to daily breathe in the presence of God, we can find that we are short of breath and quickly slowing down.

But the key at this point is not to stop what you are doing, but to pause and deeply breathe in the presence of God once again:

“When you give them your breath, life is created, and you renew the face of the earth.” – Psalms 104:30 (NLT)

The breath of God restores and renews us. The Spirit of God brings new life where there was once nothing but dust and desert.

Don’t be a spiritual asthmatic. Take a moment every day to breathe in the very breath of God. As you do, you will be renewed and able to run into all that God has for you!

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