Your Usability Is In Your Reliability

Our kids were so excited!

It was Christmas morning and each of them wriggled with excitement as they waited to open their presents.

As the wrapping ripped away their eyes opened wide as each of them pulled out a brand new watch (among other presents), and one of them got a remote control car.

Sadly, the joy didn’t last very long.

It wasn’t too long before each of the wrist bands tore away from the pin on the watch. Then, the remote control car began to deteriorate and eventually broke down.

Christmas morning quickly turned into crisis and mourning!

These days product reliability seems to be a diminishing commodity.

These gifts might look nice and shiny on the outside, but on the inside they easily break down, become unusable and need to be returned for a refund (which thankfully I was able to do).

What we need is products that are more reliable!

In the same way, God is looking for people who are simply reliable.

The gatekeepers of the temple were chosen for this one trait:

“David and Samuel the seer had appointed their ancestors because they were reliable men” – 1 Chronicles 9:22 (NLT)

God is not looking so much for the shiny, talented and gifted people, because no matter how spectacular you might appear to be in a moment, if you are not reliable, then in the long run you are unusable.

But if you are simply reliable and don’t breakdown at the first sight of trouble – and if you have the grit to traverse the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual challenges along the way, then anything is possible!

Like these gatekeepers, God will entrust you to be ‘responsible for the rooms and treasuries at the house of God’ (26).

Your usability is not about your marketability, but your reliability. Make the decision to be consistently reliable and God will use you in ways you could never imagine!

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