Making the Most of the ‘Meanwhile’

It seems that a lot of our life is lived in a perpetual state of ‘in between’:

“When the borders are open… “

“When Covid has passed… “

“When I graduate… “

“When I get married… “

“When I retire… “

It’s like living in the hallway. You’re no longer where you once were, but neither have you stepped into the ‘next room’.

Whether it’s choices you, the Government, or others have made, we can all find ourselves living in the hallway with all the other ‘in-betweeners’!

So what is the secret to living in the hallways of life? How can we turn lemons into lemonade – especially at a time we’d prefer oranges?

Well, Samuel also found himself in a situation beyond his control:

Samuel was a young boy who was dedicated to serve God at the very temple where his ‘boss’, Eli the priest lived a life of compromise, along with his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. Not only had the nation forsaken God, but those who were meant to be the example had forsaken Him too.

For Samuel, this was ‘hell in the hallway’. What was he meant to do?

The surprising answer is recorded in the book of Samuel:

“Meanwhile… Samuel served the Lord by assisting Eli the priest” – 1 Samuel 2:11 & 3:1 (NLT)

How did Samuel navigate his ‘meanwhile’? He simply “served the Lord by assisting Eli”.

In other words, even in the midst of chaos and corruption, Samuel faithfully carried out his duties by assisting Eli the priest. He recognised that all he needed to do was diligently take care of what he was responsible for, and God would clean up the mess soon enough!

And clean up the mess He did.

In God’s timing, Eli and his sons were removed from their place of influence, and Samuel was raised up to serve his generation, bringing the nation into an unprecedented season of revival.

Like Samuel, no matter what your ‘in-between’ season might look like, the way to make the most of your ‘meanwhile’ is to serve God by assisting the people God has placed you with.

As you play your part, you can be confident that God is working behind the scenes, and that in His timing, He will ‘clean up the mess’ and release you into all He has planned for you!

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