In this politically correct, cotton wooled, deeply prone to offence world we live in today, it can be tempting to sit down and shut up and mind your own business so as to avoid any unnecessary discomfort! But it seems that we’ve begun to worship and value our comfort and security more than what God … More Unstoppable

In Transit

One of my favourite things about travelling is international airports. Airports are full of people from all over the world in transit. These purpose filled people are in the process of transitioning from one place to another. There is a sense of excitement and anticipation of what’s next, with a cacophony of colourful people from … More In Transit

Start Now

One thing I love about our kids is that they will play with just about anything. What appears to be a decomposing leaf on the ground to an adult, is a leafy princess to our daughter. Every plant, every piece of rubbish, every miscellaneous household item is filled with opportunity! Rather than wait for the … More Start Now

Pick Your Lemons

The rotting lemons in the back yard represented what could have been. Instead of picking them while they were fresh and ripe, we left it for too long. What once could have been used to add flavour to our drinks and meals now lay forgotten on the ground as they melted into the grass. It’s … More Pick Your Lemons

Choose Your Life

Life is a bit like a garden. You get to choose what it will look like in the future. It’s up to you to decide what seeds will be planted and what weeds will be uprooted from the soil. You are in control. The seeds you plant in this season will determine whether you will … More Choose Your Life