Choose Your Barcode

Before any product can be sold, it must include a barcode on the packaging in order for it to be stacked on the shelves and ready for purchase. It’s the barcode on any item in the supermarket that identifies its price and other essential details relative to it’s purchase. In a similar way, all of … More Choose Your Barcode

Hope In God

If you are alive, you will feel undoubtably feel pain. A friend of mine was reminded of this on Saturday when he fell off the scooter he was performing a stunt on and injured his hip. He got a pretty sure reminder that he was indeed still alive! But the pain we face in life … More Hope In God

When You Don’t Really Want What You Think You Want

As we walked to school the other day, my three year old son informed me that, “when I am four, I will be a teenager”. Our other two kids (and I) chuckled together at the ridiculous picture of our four year old ‘baby’ sitting in a grade 5 class! Despite the mockery, Winter remained undeterred! … More When You Don’t Really Want What You Think You Want

Get To Your Feet

Sometimes it’s hard to get up when you’ve fallen. But like Paul, God invites us to get off the floor and get to our feet. Paul was after blood. Full of rage, he stormed down the highway towards the city of Damascus to destroy those who had begun to follow Jesus. But just as he … More Get To Your Feet