Your Coming Home

It’s every parents worst nightmare. 7 year old Joseph Eaton was sleeping in his parents car when thieves stole it from the driveway of the family home. The car was left running while his Mum carried his sick brother into the house, and when she came out to grab him, there was nothing but an … More Your Coming Home

When Older Is Better

These days, the newer something is the quicker it seems to break down. Gone are the days when an appliance lasts for 15-20 years. Sometimes older is better than newer. This is especially true when it comes to wisdom for life. Following the ‘ancient paths’ that have been carved out by previous generations will save … More When Older Is Better


I realised my brakes were gone. It was metal on metal and I still had a long way to drive. Anxiety began to wrap its fingers around my throat as I feared that I would either slam into the back of a car that suddenly stopped in front of me or run through a red … More Fearless