Car Park Lookouts

The way to discover what section of the beach has the best waves is by climbing the highest sand dune or looking for the nearest car park look out. When you need clarity it’s helpful to get to higher ground for some perspective. When faced with utter devastation this is exactly what David needed. His … More Car Park Lookouts

Power Test

Something was wrong with our car! After consulting a friend we concluded that it could be a flat battery, so we tested it to see whether I needed a new one or not. The gauge told us that it was dead so we replaced it with a new one and it’s been working beautifully ever … More Power Test

Cause & Effect

Jess and I are now half way through our tenth year of marriage, so we’ve decided to revisit our first year of wedded bliss by binge-watching what was one of our favourite TV shows. Although it was already past 12, last night Jess and I decided to squeeze in one more episode of Scrubs before … More Cause & Effect