Your Coming Home

It’s every parents worst nightmare. 7 year old Joseph Eaton was sleeping in his parents car when thieves stole it from the driveway of the family home. The car was left running while his Mum carried his sick brother into the house, and when she came out to grab him, there was nothing but an … More Your Coming Home

When Older Is Better

These days, the newer something is the quicker it seems to break down. Gone are the days when an appliance lasts for 15-20 years. Sometimes older is better than newer. This is especially true when it comes to wisdom for life. Following the ‘ancient paths’ that have been carved out by previous generations will save … More When Older Is Better


I realised my brakes were gone. It was metal on metal and I still had a long way to drive. Anxiety began to wrap its fingers around my throat as I feared that I would either slam into the back of a car that suddenly stopped in front of me or run through a red … More Fearless

Breathe In

I’m an asthmatic. When I forget to use my preventer and then do some exercise, I can begin to run short of breath real quick. It’s at that point I know I need to breathe in. I reach for the Ventolin, and instantly the shortness of breath is diffused and I can breathe freely once … More Breathe In


Sometimes it can all seem too much. Life can be overwhelming at times, especially as the realities of what is going on across the world begins to hit home at a local level, on top of all the other pressures and problems that come our way anyway. It’s at these times that can begin to … More BURN OUT //

Keys of Trust

The greatest obstacle the Israelites faced was not the size of the giants that ruled the land, but the size of their trust in God who promised they would soon possess it. God had already proven again and again how much He loved and cared for His people by delivering them out of slavery in … More Keys of Trust

Burn Your Bridges

If there was one word that could be used to define our culture today, it would be options. Just give me choices! I don’t want one or two flavours of ice cream to choose from, but a whole freezer full of all types of flavours. I want to leave my options open and wait till … More Burn Your Bridges